Prayer Letter September 2019

Dear praying friends,

Greetings from Brazil. Yes, we are back on the field. We arrived in Brazil about a month ago and for the first three weeks or so we hammered away at getting situated back on the field. They were some interesting weeks. When we returned to the field we found that our water situation was shaky at best.

After our arrival we soon realized that something was wrong with our pump. Sometimes we had water, but most of the time we didn’t. We spent days trying to figure out what the problem was. During this troubleshooting process we pulled the pump out twice. Now, pulling a heavy pump, wiring, and piping some 40 yards up a narrow well shaft is not the easiest of tasks, so we called the well guys.

Long story short… after being told that we would have to wait about 30 days to get warranty work done on the pump Jeff decided to forfeit our warranty and have the pump opened up somewhere else. I mean, you can only go without a shower for so long. People were starting to keep their distance from us J. The pump is now fixed and in the well. It’s nice to smell good again. We want to thank all of you who prayed us through this dilemma.

We found the Jacumã congregation doing well under Pastor Maxwell’s leadership. He has come a long way in his preaching and teaching and has shown much maturity in dealing with the flock. Maxwell’s wife Spray is also such a help to the ministries here and we cannot help but praise the Lord that this couple is a large part of our ministry team.

Jeff has been very careful not to come in and take over the bulk of the preaching and teaching in the church. Though it is not easy for Jeff, he has kept Maxwell in those positions of leadership so that our people will begin to see that the time for missionaries is coming to an end. Ivana has also kept herself from taking over the keyboard and the music department. The congregation has the leadership and the personnel to handle ministry without us. Now it is time to let the church know that we feel that our time here in Jacumã is coming to a close.

On September the 11th Jeff will be having a heart to heart with the believers here letting them know that we will be with them for a limited period of time and then we will be moving on to what the Lord has next for us. This will not be an easy service for the church or us. There will be those who still will not understand the need for us to step aside. It will not be easy for us as we tell these dear Christians and this dear Brazilian pastor and his wife that it is time for them to begin stretching their wings and flying on their own.

How long will we be here in Jacumã? We are not sure, but we know that when God opens the next door in ministry we are going to walk through it by His grace and through His strength. Pray for us.


In Him!

Jeff and Ivana Reiner (for the girls)

Prayer Letter May 2019

Dear Praying Friends,

“Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering;

for He is faithful that promised.” – Hebrews 10:23

It has been a while since we last updated you on our ministry as we travel and visit our churches this furlough.  We have put many thousands of miles behind us visiting churches in Georgia, North Carolina, New York, Virginia, Florida and Ohio. February through March was an extremely hectic period, but now we find ourselves coming into the final lap of our journeys.  There are some trips ahead, but we are finding ourselves going into preparation mode to head back to the field of Brazil.

Tickets have been purchased for late July and Ivana has already organized a yard sale to get rid of some things that we cannot take back with us.  It is amazing how much one can accumulate in a few months here in the USA.

Last letter we asked you all to keep three requests before the Lord.  We want to include them in this letter as well.  These prayer requests are important as we seek God’s will for our lives as to where He would place us next.  So here are our top three requests once again…

  • Pray that we will return to find the congregation healthy and strong.
  • Pray that we will find that the congregation no longer needs our help.
  • Finally, pray that the Lord will show us where He wants us next.

Upon our return to the field we will be working out some final details in Jacumã.  One big item on our list is a parsonage for the church.  I mentioned this need last letter and God moved one of our churches to send in a gift for this project.  Praise the Lord.  If your church would like to participate in this project please contact us at

We look forward to the blessings and the challenges that await us in the land of Brazil.  These transitions are always bittersweet.  Through them all, the Lord gives us joy and courage.  He is trustworthy…  to Him be all glory… for He is faithful that promised.”

Thank you once again for standing with us in ministry.

In Him!

Jeff and Ivana Reiner (Nicole and Emilie too!)

December 2018 – January 2019 Prayer Letter…

Dear ones in Christ,

By the time you receive this letter, Christmas may well be past and the New Year may have already come. It is our hope that each one of you has had a Christ-centered Christmas and a blessed start to the New Year.

Our furlough is about half spent and we have traveled to various churches, but the bulk of travel is yet to come.  Early 2019 will be a busy time and we are asking for prayer as we rack up miles traveling from New York to Virginia to Florida to Ohio.   However, all the miles are worth it as we reunite with our churches that have stood by our side in prayer and giving for many years.

We hope to return to the field in the summer of 2019.  We have been praying for the Lord’s leading in our lives.  As you know, Pastor Maxwell has taken well to his role as shepherd of the Jacumãflock. We praise the Lord for Maxwell and his wife Soraia.  They love the ministry there at the congregation.

So, Ivana and I are in prayer seeking what God has next in our lives.  We want to be in the center of His will.  Here are three specific ways we are asking you to pray

  • Pray that we will return to find the congregation healthy and strong.
  • Pray that we will find that the congregation no longer needs our help.
  • Finally, pray that the Lord will show us where He wants us next.

It is hard to think of moving on in ministry, but it is our prayer that God will be crystal clear as He shows us His timing and direction in our lives and in the Jacumãcongregation.

There is still an item that needs completion in Jacumã.The church still needs a parsonage.  Over the years we have been raising funds for this project and we want to thank the individuals and the churches that have given to this need. However, we still need considerable finances for this project.  If your church is looking for a fund-raising project, please consider the Jacumã parsonage. For further details please contact us at

Thank you so much for partnering with us in ministry.  We do not take your prayers or support for granted.  We realize that we could not do what we are called to do had the Lord not raised an army to stand with us.

May the Lord draw us closer to Him in 2019.  May we be faithful.   May this be the year He returns!

Jeff and Ivana Reiner (… for the girls)

Winston-Salem, NC.

August 2018 Prayer Letter…

Dear praying friends, 

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth” – 3 John 1:4

Greetings from North Carolina. Yes, we are home on furlough and we are adjusting to life here in the States. Ever heard of reverse culture shock? Well, it is real and we are just now getting over it after being home for a few weeks.

So many of you have been so encouraging to us with regards to Ivana’s miscarriage. For those who have not heard, three days before our departure from Brazil we went in for a routine ultrasound and, to our surprise, we found that the baby had no heartbeat. The baby had died in the womb three weeks prior and we had no idea. It was a very long day in the hospital as Ivana underwent doctors’ visits and procedures.

We know that all things work together for the good to them that love God and to them that are called according to His purpose. We lost the baby, but Ivana is in good health. You see, we could have traveled home not knowing that Ivana had had a miscarriage and Ivana could have become very ill here in the States. The Lord made sure we found out about the miscarriage at the right time while we were still near Ivana’s gynecologist in Brazil.

We were choosing names. We had plans, but God’s ways are perfect. Thank you all for your prayers and kind words of comfort to both Ivana and myself.

We rejoice as we continue to hear good things from the Jacumã Congregation. Pastor Maxwell is doing the work of a faithful pastor. He cares for the flock and the church can see that care in him. Soraya is a faithful pastor’s wife and is working so well with the ladies and the children. The church is growing in its love for this couple and we feel only joy as we see that the Lord is meeting the needs of that church plant we love so much. Our time in Jacumã may be coming to a close.

We left the field feeling that the Lord is bringing our 15 years of ministry in that church plant to a close. It is a wonderful feeling. Please pray that God will continue to bless that church with spiritual and numerical growth. Pray that we will return to the field to find that we are no longer needed in any capacity in the Jacumã church.

Where do we go from here? Pray with us for His perfect leading!

Well, we look forward to hearing from churches that have not yet scheduled with us. If you have not contacted us yet, please do so. We would love to come and give a report!

God bless each one of you.

Jeff and Ivana Reiner (for the girls)

Winston Salem, NC.

April 2018 Prayer Letter…

Dear praying friends,

This may be the last prayer letter we send out before our upcoming furlough. We are in the middle of prepping the ministries here for our absence and it is no small task. After all, how do you wrap up four years of ministry and projects? How do you prepare yourself and the ones you have ministered to for four years for a lengthy, but needed separation? This is the third time we are preparing for a furlough and I still am not sure exactly how best to do it.

One thing is for certain… we pray. And the Lord has answered those prayers. This by far has been the smoothest transition for furlough we have had. God has supplied all the pieces needed so that the Brazilian leadership can step into place and take over in our absence. And this is what it is all about! We see God bringing the growth and maturity needed in the Jacumã congregation to the extent that we now have an interim pastor who has already been plugged into the ministries here and is being prepared for our departure.

Pastor Maxwell and Soraya are an answer to those prayers. They are a humble hard working couple that love the people and above all love the Lord. Maxwell has already begun preaching and teaching and Soraya won the hearts of the ladies, teens and children. They will be stepping up full throttle when we pull out on June the 12th. Please continue to pray for this dear couple and for the church during this transition.

We see the church growing and there is an excitement in the air, as this time around the church has a national pastor to care for them in our absence. Pray with us that the church will continue to grow and become everyday more independent from missionary input and support. Nothing would make us happier than to return from furlough and find that we are no longer needed here in Jacumã.

This just in… We have some very big news for all of you who have made it this far. Lord willing, we will be hearing the “pitter-patter” of tiny brand new little “missionary kid” feet around our home. Yes, you heard it correctly, much to your surprise (and ours!) we will be welcoming our third child in December of this year. This is a huge gift from God and our excitement grows every day. So, as we are preparing for furlough we are now also running around getting some preliminary tests and exams that Ivana’s doctor here is requesting before we leave. Needless to say, things here are hectic, but also exciting!

Finally, in our last letter we asked our supporting churches to get in touch with us so that we can schedule a time to come and give you a report on the ministries here in Brazil. Thank you to those of you who have contacted us. For those who have not yet gotten in touch, please know that there is still time for us to set something up with you. We look forward to being with you all very soon.

We close by thanking each church and each individual that remembers us in prayer and in giving. You are used by God to keep us going here on the mission field.

In Him!

Jeff and Ivana Reiner (for the girls and the tiny bump!)

January 2018 Prayer Letter…

Dear praying friends,

We ended last year thinking that if we could just make it through the year-end activities at church we would be in the clear. Yet, we started this year thinking that if we can just make it through January we will be able to slow down a bit. And so it goes! It has been full speed ahead here as we are on the final lap of our four year term. We have been working with the church and with the camp trying to make sure that both will be turned over to Brazilian leadership that will care for these two very important ministries while we are on furlough.

And on that note, I am so pleased to report that after much time in prayer the Lord has given us much piece about inviting brother Maxwell to take over pastoral responsibilities in our absence. Maxwell is a layman in a sister church that has some bible training, excellent Christian maturity, wonderful organizational skills and a deep love for the Lord and His Church. Both he and his wife Soraia are dear servants of Christ who have shown over the years their willingness to minister in the churches in our area. This is a very humble couple that loves the Lord and is looking for greater opportunities to expand in ministry.

IMG-20180103-WA0017The Jacumã congregation will be a great experience for this couple and may well be what the Lord uses to encourage this young couple to step out of the secular work force into full-time Christian ministry. Maxwell and Soraia may well be what the Jacumã congregation needs to encourage the church toward the ultimate goal of nationalization.

Our goal is to have Maxwell and Soraia already working beside us three months prior to our departure for furlough. We leave the field on the 12th of June. Will you pray with us during this time of transition both for Maxwell and Soraia and for the church?

We are also happy to report that the Paraíba camp has two major events in late January. The first is a teen camp that will begin on the 18th of January and end on the 21st. There are already some 90 teens signed up. We will be working beside my brother Jonathan and his family during this exciting week. A group of young people from various churches will be handling all of the programming for the week.


The second event will be the association meetings for the churches in the State of Paraíba. This will be held from the 26th to the 28th of January. Please pray for these events. May lives be changed for eternity in this wonderful place the Lord has given us.

As mentioned above, our furlough will begin mid-June 2018. We will be home for a year (Lord willing) and we look forward to giving a report to each one of our supporting churches and getting together with as many of our individual supporters as we can. Dear supporting church, it is not too early to begin scheduling a field report. Our contact information is below.


Thank you for your continued prayers for our family and for our safety. We are well, by the grace of God.

Thank you also for your continued support.

In Him!

Jeff and Ivana Reiner (Nicole and Emilie too)

Jacumã, Brazil

Prayer Letter September 2017…

Dear praying friends,

In July the Jacumã congregation held its annual conference inviting Pastor Elton as our keynote speaker. Elton is a young Brazilian national who is mature beyond his years. Our church was challenged and the Gospel was clearly presented during Elton’s time with us. It is our desire to see a Brazilian pastor like Elton eventually take over the pastorate here in Jacumã. Please pray that the believers here will step up to the challenge and learn to give to their local church. We have seen God increase our numbers here. We have seen spiritual growth within the church. Leadership has developed among the men of the church. Our teens are stepping up to serve in the services. We have taught them stewardship time and time again. Now, our prayer is that the Lord will move his people here to give so that they can call a Brazilian pastor. Will you continue to pray with us as our time in Jacumã comes to a close?

Our teen ministries on Saturdays just get sweeter and sweeter. Recently, two young men have come to know the Lord. Pray for Renato and Rodrigo. They are natural leaders and can be greatly used along with the other teens here in Jacumã. Our guitar player, Gabriel, is dedicating himself to the music ministry at church and a young lady by the name of Israeli is learning to play the keyboard. Israeli may be instrumental (no pun intended) in taking over Ivana’s place as our main keyboard player. Other teens are involved with many other ministries such as vocals and audio-visuals. As you can see the teen ministry is becoming a blessing to the entire church.

In June Ivana worked hard along with the Jacumã ladies’ fellowship to host a large state-wide annual ladies’ “get together” at the Jacumã Congregation. There were about 120 ladies from surrounding churches in attendance. The keynote speaker was Jenny Reiner… Jon and Jenny work 45 minutes to the north of us.

Prayer meetings on Wednesdays have seen growth as well. Jeff is bringing a weekly series called “Minha Igreja Local” (My Local Church) which is designed to further prepare the Jacumã congregation to become organized and independent.

Recently Jeff and his brother Jon took a trip into the bush to a place called Quixeramobim to visit a church that their father planted in the 1980s. What a blessing it was for Jeff to preach behind the same pulpit his father used decades ago. That church in the bush is still going strong! To God be the glory. Some of you will be reading this letter to your churches or to your Sunday school classes. We are here smiling as we imagine how you will pronounce the word “QUIXERAMOBIM”.

Finally, we are in a mad dash as we prepare the Camp for a large couples’ event that will be held on the 30th of September. We spent the day Saturday shopping for pots, pans, spoons, forks, serving platters, chairs, water filters and the list goes on. The new camp is stocking up on items it needs to host large events.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support! We pray for you as well.

In Him!

Jeff and Ivana Reiner… for the girls